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    Savile Row Co’s autumn collection 2009 cares for all aspects of a modern gentleman’s life. We have fabulous menswear ranging from contemporary fitted shirts to cool weekend jackets. This autumn, we have a full rich palette with a wide range of hues and tones.

    The formal palette is centred around the classic blues, but counterbalanced with a range of sophisticated pales and accented by rich darks and toned neutrals. We have also used some higher contrast combinations for a bolder statement.

    Our business shirts are available in a range of designs using fine patterns in a variety of scales, from simple pinstripes to more complex multi-stripes, fine checks and dobbies.

    Browse our collection of fitted shirts (, which are contemporary formal shirts offering a slimmer fit and a slightly younger, more modern attitude to pattern and styling. Again, these shirts are available in a wide range of pattern scales, but with a slightly stronger more contrasted colour combination statement for a bolder look.

    Our weekend casual wear is a concise range of predominantly strong, tartan inspired, dark and rich checks for a more casual statement. Check out our weekend jacket – one of the must-have garments of this season. The overall darker, but rich palette gives a new strength to this range.
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