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    The large gate-like object which the snowboarder is sliding is called a “torii”. These are a very common feature of the Japanese landscape and are often seen in and around temples, as well as spanning roads and footpaths. They often mark the entrance to a scared or respected place.

    The Japanese characters - known as Kanji - read “Nihon”, which means “Japan”.

    The shirts are available in a range of different print and fabric colours, in both male and female cuts. In the coming months, new SnowSphere designs will be introduced, so be sure to keep checking back for more.

    Japan's T Shirt Photo
    Japan's Man T Shirt
    Japan's T Shirt Image
    Japan's T Shirts collection
    Japan's Green T Shirt
    Japan's T Shirt pic
    Japan's Black T Shirt
    Japan's Teen T Shirt
    Japan's T Shirt photo
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