Edgy Hairstyle Ideas for 2011

    Edgy Hairstyle Ideas for 2011

    If you're ready to give your locks a boost of style and edginess, check out the following edgy hairstyle ideas which are perfect for the new season and which can definitely take you out of the ordinary!
    A new year couldn't pose as a better time for a change and the easiest and cheapest change you can turn to: a brand new hairstyle. Hairstyles are definitely a hot focus point for everyone so if you're looking for something different, a look which will stand out and underline your unique personality, edgy hairstyles can pose as a perfect option. There are so many styles available to choose from depending on personality, face shape as well as hair type and length, but there is definitely a hot edgy hairstyle idea for 2011, you can lean towards. Making the perfect option and make a world of a difference so go softer or bolder depending on what suits your character best.

    The new edgy hairstyles ideas for 2011 are trying to juxtapose edginess and femininity, to create a balanced look suitable for the modern times we are living in as well as suitable for women who love to show off their confidence and style. These hairstyles are not for the faint-hearted but for those women who exude confidence and who love being the center of attention.

    Hair by Ashley Gamble

    Hair by Rainbow Room International

    Hair by Ashley Gamble

    Hair by Ashley Gamble

    Women with short hair can too add a touch of edginess to their crop with the condition the hair still features a bit of length to enable the hairstylist to create a new, edgier look. The best way to do this is by opting for a bold bang style that will definitely make heads turn. The new hair cutting techniques allow you to create super interesting bangs styles just so you can benefit from a stylish look that suit your personality perfectly.

    Go oval, asymmetrical, in a step shape or the craziest cuts depending on face shape and personal preference. To underline the edginess of your tresses maintain the hair straight as it will emphasize the style of the cut best.

    Hair by Sandra Webb Hair and Beauty

    Hair by Rush

    Hair by Marc Antoni

    Hair by Craig Chapman

    Women with medium as well as long hairstyles can consider themselves luckier as there are a variety of edgy hairstyles options to browse through. A longer hair length offers more versatility thus you will be able to constantly surprise with a new stylish look. A great edgy hairstyle that still maintains a high level of femininity is the undercut. Undercut hairstyles feature an fabulous edgy look, a short, buzz cut on one side of the head and a longer cut on the other side and on top of the head.

    If however an undercut hairstyle doesn't appeal to you, turn your attention towards asymmetrical cut hairstyles. These hairstyles feature a combo of long and shorter lengths. Whether you're attracted by a hairstyle like Frankie Sandford's from The Saturdays or a more edgy look which combined long hairs with short hairs, an asymmetrical look will always do the trick. Keep the hair straight so the cut is beautifully emphasized and you'll look fabulous with every occasion.
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